Katie Holmes decided on a new marriage

Кэти Холмс решилась на новый брак
The actress is planning a wedding.

Кэти Холмс решилась на новый брак

Katie Holmes


As it became known edition Hollywoodlife reporter, Katie Holmes, which is almost six years ago, divorced with Tom cruise, decided on a new wedding. At
the informant of the edition, she finally agreed to her boyfriend Jamie
Fox, which occurs for four years, to become his lawful wife.

How Jamie managed to persuade Katie who was extremely неприятныt memories of her first marriage to cruise, to remarry, is unknown. Perhaps a powerful argument in favor of the Fox was that
the fact that Jamie has developed an almost perfect relationship with Suri — 11-year-old
the daughter of actress and Cruz.

The lovers got
time and place of the upcoming wedding. Their wedding will take place this summer in Paris. Katie ordered her wedding dress his old friend — an American designer Zac Posen. In
currently he is working on a sketch of the dress.

Invited guests will not exceed 30. The exact date of the wedding
reported. It is assumed that the marriage would be strictly classified and Holmes, and Fox can’t stand to put my personal life on display.

Recall the first time the paparazzi photographed them dancing
and cuddling at a party in the Hamptons in 2014. But
then all the meeting of the pair was carefully disguised. Kathy on secret meetings went in a wig and dark glasses, and Jamie hid his face under
wide-brimmed hats. However, they still do not always manage to knock off the trail of paparazzi, Only in the past
September sweet couple for the first time allowed herself to openly appear together, walking arm in arm on
the beach in Miami.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx