Кэти Холмс поздравила бойфренда с днем рождения
The actress has finally started to go public with your loved ones.

Кэти Холмс поздравила бойфренда с днем рождения

Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes pleased with her boyfriend Jamie Fox: she came to congratulate
it on a party arranged on the occasion of the anniversary of the actor — its 50th anniversary. Jamie
marked an important date, gathering numerous friends and colleagues in one of the pavilions of the film Studio Paramount Pictures. And while
that, until recently, Holmes all forces avoided appearing next to the Fox
at crowded gatherings, to miss such an important event in the life of a loved one she
couldn’t. However, in the event the couple behaved with restraint.

But Jamie and Katie took the soul at another party, held on the same
day. We are talking about the holiday at the club The Highlight Room, to where were invited only the closest friends, where they behaved quite differently. They kissed and flirted and hugged and
Fox all the time something gently whispered Holmes in my ear, why she was beaming. They
went there together and left the event together. So it looks like period
of secrecy in their relationship completely in the past.

Recall: romancity and Jamie began in 2013 year.
Almost four years, they made desperate efforts and showed remarkable
talent “conspirators” to hide their relationship. Going on dates with
Fox, Holmes makeup, wore wigs, covered the face of the fields
pulled down over his eyes hat… It was due to the fact that under the terms of the contract,
the actress signed divorce with Tom cruise, she
did not have the right to a public affair for the last 5 years. Otherwise
case, she would have lost $ 5 million, which he paid her after their marriage.

But now, when the period specified in the contract has expired, Katie has every right
open to build a relationship with Jamie. What she began to do, starting with this
autumn. The first time they appeared together, not hiding, on the beach in Malibu in September when
they walked, holding hands, and even tried to hide from the paparazzi. A little
more than a week ago Holmes first appeared with her boyfriend at an official event in new York. 38-year-old actress
came there to support his beloved, who was leading the ceremony.
Incidentally, according to the Hollywood gossip, in the near future
wait for the banns of a couple of “conspirators”.

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