Кэти Холмс рассталась с Джэйми Фоксом
The actress did not forgive the boyfriend of his treason.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Photo: Instagram.com

The news that actress Katie Holmes took
the decision to break up with her boyfriend — Jamie Fox is very upset friends of the actress.
Because Katie and Jamie seemed almost perfect. Their romance lasted about
3 years, but now, it seems that their relationship had come to an end. In any
case, after its latest meeting a few weeks ago in popular
in Toronto Kasa restaurant Moto, where Holmes and Fox, according to the testimony of visitors
long fought, they left the establishment separately and in a very gloomy mood. And
since that time, more of them together did not see…

As told to the reporter of the magazine “Star” one of the friends Actresses but this quarrel was not
random. The fact that recently paparazzi managed to shoot the Fox flirting with
an unidentified blonde. They took a picture of Jamie, who gently held
the hand of an unknown beauty, during a party at the South Beach in Miami. Holmes
at this time in America was not — now she is in Canada
the mini-series “The Kennedys After Camelot”.
So what about flirting with your boyfriend Katie has learned from the press.

Jamie decided to try to make excuses to
his girlfriend and didn’t bother to fly her to Canada. As told to a friend Katie, Fox has tried
had to explain that he was not holding the blonde’s hand, but only
exchanged with her hands in farewell. But Holmes, who got a good look at
photo taken by the paparazzi, that only makes more angry. She felt
his excuses are pathetic and implausible… So now, it seems, between them
it’s all over.

But more recently all they have been so
well! Fox managed to establish a great relationship with Suri. And, according to friends
actress, he could completely replace the little girl her father Tom cruise, who seems to be
finally gave up my daughter, anyway, he has not seen it already
more than 1000 days. And in General, as told to the correspondent of the Daily Mail, the actress Claudia Jordan, one of
friends Katie Holmes and Fox were perfectly happy together. Of course, maybe
Holmes will change his mind and decide, ultimately, to forgive your
frivolous friend. But it is unlikely their relationship will ever including
the same serene as before.

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