Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx did not hide their relationship at pre-party “Grammy-2018″

Кэти Холмс и Джейми Фокс не скрывали своих отношений на пре-пати «Грэмми-2018″

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have attracted the attention of party guests in honor of the coming of the award “Grammy-2018”, because they so rarely appear in public together. The stars sat at the same table all night and talked. Special manifestations of the relationship between the actors was not, but even a momentary glances, it was evident that for a couple this evening is definitely romantic.

Кэти Холмс и Джейми Фокс не скрывали своих отношений на пре-пати «Грэмми-2018″

Recently, the 39-year-old Katie Holmes and 50-year-old Jamie Foxx stopped hiding and appeared in public together. Despite the seriousness of the relations of the stars, the actress is not going to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Fox. According to the insider — to her family was, and remains, in the first place.

Proof of this is the celebration of the New year, which Jamie and Cathy spent apart. In that time, Jamie had fun opening a night club in Singapore, the actress was skiing in Utah with his 11-year-old daughter Suri. “She’s a wonderful mother and she will always give preference to the family, not him,” says an insider.

Despite the unavailability of the actress to make sacrifices for the sake of a new relationship, their relationship is mutual understanding. At a party in honor of the 50th anniversary of actor couple did not hide their feelings. “They danced and kissed. Jamie makes her truly happy,” says one of the witnesses.

“They came together. It was obvious that Jamie was a great feast. Katie looked great: she was fun and nice,” told reporters one of the guests of the event.

To congratulate Jamie’s friends came and daughter. No doubt, the actors really are, because Katie, after the celebration, was photographed in the car of Fox. They went together home, or even to continue to celebrate.

Ex-wife of Tom cruise is no longer going to hide the relationship with Fox. It was first noticed at the opening of the flagship store sunglasses your lover Jamie Foxx in new York.
She was dressed in a black dress and coat coral color.

Roman pair lasted for four years. Despite the fact that the actors all the time trying to hide from paparazzi, they were still spotted together. And the question that connects them, they replied that just friends.

But that all changed once expired the divorce agreement with Katie’s former husband, the 55-year-old Tom cruise. According to him, she had no right to expose his personal life. Otherwise, Kathy would not have received a tidy sum of 9.8 million dollars from her ex-husband.