Кэйтлин Дженнер снова ляжет под нож пластического хирурга

Star of the American reality show and probably one of the most famous women transgender Kathleen Jenner will not stop in its cultivation. Western media reported that the former Olympic champion has stepped up its chest.

Caitlin has repeatedly stated in interviews that he considers this part of the body, most feminine, so for anybody not a secret that sooner or later, Jenner would increase the already large chest again and again. Doctors have warned the star that because of the large implants she could worsen migraine.
“Caitlin loves her big Tits and deep cleavage. The only thing she doesn’t understand is that breast augmentation is a big risk. She says she likes it, and all the rest doesn’t matter” — said the insider.
At the same time, doctors warned the patient about possible consequences in the form of dysfunction of the immune system and muscle pain, but she remained adamant.
“Kaitlyn from the beginning wanted a big chest, but his stepdaughter and daughter convinced her not to. Large Breasts will give her more confidence in himself and would look better with her athletic figure. The only thing she needs to understand is that it transcends risking health for the sake of imaginary beauty” — said the insider.