Kathleen Jenner spent with my daughters father’s Day

Кейтлин Дженнер провела с дочками День отца

She is now a woman, but the past cannot be changed, and from paternity Caitlin Jenner, no one was spared. As no one took away her right to celebrate father’s Day with their daughters Kendall and Kylie.
All three were seen walking in Beverly hills last Sunday. Caitlin also took him walking his two month old puppy, Bert, that Kendall is so cute and childish were on hand all evening.

As it became known edition RadarOnline, Caitlin tries not to advertise his meetings with the subsidiaries, because in the last broadcast of the reality show “Life with the Kardashians” she took a pretty hard fall from his ex-wife Kris Jenner, who is still angry with ex-husband for his memoirs, and his own children.
“It just made three families and each of them broke” — briefly summarized the book of Kim Kardashian.
“The weird thing is, it’s a lie. I think she believes that all this really happened,” said Kendall, daughter Caitlin, “She puts the Kardashians, but it’s the kids you’ve raised! No matter what you had now a relationship with them, they still remain your children in some way! I can’t believe she can do this to us. That’s crazy!”