Кейтлин Дженнер стала героиней Sports Illustrated

Not all the famous models boast his photo on the cover of the famous glossy magazine Sports Illustrated, but one of the most famous women transgender Kathleen Jenner – can. 66-year-old TV star in the past – American athlete-athlete – posed not Nude as in clothing. For a photoset stylists picked up a summer Romper, although the wound appeared in the media information that Caitlin will pose as her famous stepdaughter Kim Kardashian, naked. Fortunately or unfortunately, this did not happen.

Кейтлин Дженнер стала героиней Sports Illustrated
In an interview with Caitlin told me about his past achievements. In particular, about the Olympics, which was won in 1976 in Montreal.
“I often thought how could my life be if I didn’t win the Olympics. Maybe then I would have and a woman could be before, because after winning the Games I had for many years to throw these thoughts out of my head – then so many things on my plate. so, I betrayed myself” “said Caitlin.

Recall that after the victory at the Olympic Games Bruce met Kris Jenner and married her, giving birth to two daughters Kendall and Kylie. Only in 2014, divorced from his wife, Bruce was able to continue its transformation and become what life had woman.


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