Катерина Шпица фантастически отпраздновала день рождения в Австралии
The actress received an amazing gift for 31 years.

Katherine Spitz

Photo: @Instagram katerinashpitsa Catherine Spitz

It so happened that this year Katerina Spitz birthday had a work trip. And it could be for the actress a big disappointment if the ultimate goal of the trip was… Australia! Right on the day his 31 years she has gained an amazing gift. The actress managed to look at migrating whales in the ocean, and even friends Spitz gave her an unforgettable gift. They agreed, and especially for her arrived a couple of days in Australia, so Katherine also received the opportunity to be in the circle of her close friends.

“For the first time the birthday party will last almost 2 days because of the time difference with the region where I live my closest people,and where I found new friends and where there is a lot more next time! And here to me specially from New Zealand for the weekend flew my old friends,they are a symbolic Intercontinental bridge of love! I had a fantastic birthday in Australia! I saw jumping in the ocean for migrating whales!!! A wonderful gift from the universe -such a coincidence!” — written by Katherine could hardly restrain his delight.

Recall that a few days ago Spitz found in her family archive a picture from 10 years ago. While Katherine worked in the night club “warming up”, so in the picture she was depicted in a very candid way. By the way, now the actress likes to pose semi-Nude and even photos in which she appears in swimsuits, appear in her microblog extremely rare.