Katherine Spitz became an electrician

Катерина Шпица стала электриком
The actress showed miracles of ingenuity and wit.

Katherine Spitz

Photo: Instagram

Katherine Spitz shared a fun way to determine
whether the electricity in the house. Method, however, extreme and invented personally
actress. Katya showed miracles of ingenuity and intelligence to understand
why in the period off the hot water she was not working the boiler. This star
shared on his page in the social network.

“If your home has no hot water, — says the actress — and
boiler somehow not included and electroshop broken, is to check the socket
empirically Take out the plates, so as to insert its plug in the boiler room
socket. But it is not so simple. If you do not have enough growth, so that the upper
level ladder to reach out a hand to the socket (it is located above the upper
level of a shower enclosure, over which is fixed a boiler), and to confidently enter
plug in the coveted last night experienced the space, will come to the rescue
salad tongs and a small gap stretching of the intervertebral space, and
also, a slightly protruding tongue and a bit of coordination with accuracy. Note:
standing on the aluminum ladder is preferable barefoot for better grip
with the surface. So the outlet doesn’t work, drag a temporary adapter, call

In response, the fans laughed, appreciated the irony of the stars and then
Kate gave a nickname — “Crazy hands”.

It should be noted that Katia is one of the few Actresses that solves
in General male household chores, and perhaps the only, who knows not
only, what is the electric prod, but also how to use it.

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