Katherine Heigl is expecting a baby

Кэтрин Хейгл ждёт ребёнка

The news is not just good – she is wonderful and will make fans of the actress Katherine Heigl to jump for joy, rejoicing for her. And all because the star of the series “Anatomy of passion”.. becoming a mother.

For 37летней actress and her 34-year-old wife of musician Josh Kelly, this child will be the first biological. Now they are raising adopted girls Adelaide and Nnse (“Neli”). The actress revealed the sex of the baby is a boy.
“We are happy to inform all that waiting for a third child. Adelaide and Neli are very excited and look forward to meeting with her brother impatiently. We Jsem also filled with happiness and gratitude. Now our family is going through an amazing time full of hopes, expectations, and hormonal surges. Of course, the hormones most affected me, but the others also get” — said Hagel edition of the People and added that will keep their fans informed.
Recall that the older girl they adopted in North Korea in 2009, nine months of age and the youngest in America in 2012.

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