Кэтрин Хейгл пережила роды с осложнением

39-year-old actress Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelly raised two adopted children and a year ago decided to have my own biological son. But it turns out at this age to give birth to an actress is not easy. Heigl put on instagram sharing touching photos with his son and told how the doctors fought for her life during childbirth. The star shared a series of photo where baby Joshua in the first days after birth and she Katherine for a couple of hours before the trip to the hospital.

Кэтрин Хейгл пережила роды с осложнением

“At nine in the morning my husband Josh Kelly took a picture of me before we went to the hospital. 12:00 I had a scheduled C-section. The baby was lying wrong, so I decided to do a C-section. Before that I never had any surgeries, and I didn’t know what to expect,” says the actress.

The birth was very difficult and doctors are literally fighting for the life of the baby. But occupational therapists have been able to force the child to breathe and now the actress became a mother to her third child. “The child was wedged in the womb. When the doctor finally got it at 12:33, he wasn’t breathing. The doctors began to give him oxygen to fill his lungs with air. My husband was standing there when the baby took its first breath. When I came out of anesthesia and for the first time took the son, I thanked heaven that he breathes, and for the fact that I became a mother for the third time,” says the actress.

The Frank story of the actress shared with subscribers in honor of the birthday of the baby, who is 20 th one year old. Recall that the couple was raising two adopted daughters, 7-year-old Nancy “Neli” and 4-year-old Adelaide. The decision to take the family of two adopted children became more than realized for the actress, because she has the most has an older foster sister: the eldest foster sister: Neli was adopted in 2009 when she was only 9 months (she is from South Korea, as the sister of the actress) and the youngest in 2012.

To give birth at this age Katherine was in no hurry, because the doctor warned about possible complications. Doctor actress warned her that she is staracademy. Therefore, it was decided to take in foster children. “We thought about foster kids again as I was not sure that you can get pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant, and the doctor reminded me that I am considered staracademy. I doubt that pregnancy in General can stand on my agenda. It turned out, even as you can!” explains his choice of Hagel.