Katerina Spitz has a secret admirer

У Катерины Шпицы появился тайный поклонник
The stranger moved at the request of the actress a decent amount.

У Катерины Шпицы появился тайный поклонник

Katherine Spitz

Photo: courtesy of the press service

The two films with the participation of Catherine Spitz fight now for
prizes at the film festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg. One of them – “Grafologia”,
who gave him the starring Gosha Kutsenko.

The second movie — Latvian-Russian painting “that one
he sees”, the directorial debut of Stanislav Tokalosh. Katerina plays nurse
who is taking care of a strange patient’s Nicolas (he played the role of Eugene Tkachuk), that after experimenting with artificial intelligence lies in a coma, but
soon comes.

Katherine Spitz and Evgeny Tkachuk

Photo: courtesy of the press service

It is the project of Katerina for the first time
tried himself as a producer.
She has applied his organizational skills at the stage
post-production: “I always root for those movies. Stas
not enough money for the dubbing and I decided to organize crowdfunding. Very
we quickly gathered the required amount, especially thanks to one person who
I bought a patron package is a pretty decent amount. I thought it was one
of my friends, and it turned out that we supported a complete stranger, apparently under
my name gave that money. I am grateful for such selfless help and confidence.” Katerina believes that crawfishing in the field
cinema has a great future, which
moments of sympathy, of participation, coincidence of the cultural code.