Kate Winslet spoke about working with woody Allen

Кейт Уинслет рассказала о работе с Вуди Алленом

42-year-old actress Kate Winslet in a recent interview talked about working with the 82-year-old woody Allen, whose film “Wheel of wonder” the audience will see the picture in 2018 year. The actress talked to the journalists of the newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, which told of the skill of woody to create female characters.

Кейт Уинслет рассказала о работе с Вуди Алленом

“I think in a sense, woody is a woman. He understands that part of his personality and all the female characters, which creates exceptionally well in the movie. Heroines in his films are multifaceted and honest with yourself, because woody knows how to write dialogue, so they can tell you everything,” praises the Director of the British actress.

Amid a sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein, any journalist takes for granted to ask the celebrities about this kind of thing. The Winslet reporters asked how it relates to the allegations of Allen’s sexual harassment. In 1993, the adopted daughter of filmmaker Dylan Farrow sued him for sexual harassment. Trial in the case lasted two years, but Allen was never convicted. “In the end, you will look at the facts. He 82-year-old man who went through a two-year trial. As far as I know, he has not been convicted. I’m an actress and he’s a Director. I don’t know his family. Heard and read exactly what I read and heard you. Know as much as you know. I can say no more,” says Kate.

Not only woody Allen plays an important role in the life of the actress, but James Cameron, who discovered Kate Winslet to the world. Due to the fact that the Director made the Briton in the movie “Titanic” today, we have a movie star that millions look up to. But such a resounding success, which have Kate, could not be if her spirit was broken because of people who surrounded her.

Recall that it was a hard way to the dream of becoming an actress. According to Kate, the main stumbling block was her figure.

“I was bullied at school, called “the bubble”, was teased for what I want to be an actress, locked in closets, laughed at me. I was never the prettiest girl in school, I always had big legs, I even said I might be lucky to be an actress, if I’m content with the roles of fat,” told 41-year-old Winslet.

At some point, recognized Kate, she did and wanted to drop everything and do things other than acting. Each casting, for which she was told “no” was a hammer on her self-esteem. Fortunately, on the way Winslet had met people who did not pay attention to the figure of the actress because they were important to her acting talent. He and Kate certainly is. Prove it 6 nominations for “Oscar” statuette for his starring role in the drama “the Reader”, 3 Golden globes and many other prestigious awards.