Kate Winslet is thinking about divorcing a big baby

Кейт Уинслет задумалась о разводе с «большим ребенком»

In Hollywood, there is not a very healthy trend – a couple who seemed made for each other, relations in crisis and are on the verge of divorce.

Difficulties faced Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

Now trying to overcome the firing line Kate Winslet and Ned Rockenroll.

In an interview with reporters for Star Magazine, a friend of the star of “Titanic” told me that she almost never speaks with her husband and even think about divorce.

According to the informant, Kate tired of the whole family it drags on, and the husband of a finger wants to give to her at least something to help.

According to the friend, the cause of the disorder is that marriage is not infidelity (Winslet’m sure her husband is faithful), and this unwillingness to share duties for two.

When the actress asked, how are things with ned, it darkens and says that he only does what is fun. Since then, Kate and her husband were married four years ago, he quit his job in the Corporation of his uncle, billionaire Richard Branson, and does not want to look for a new one.

It is important to note that Ned is not only trying to improve the financial situation of the family, it is still not bringing up children, i.e. doesn’t want to take on his shoulders any responsibility.

According to the friend, Winslet, Kate was first in awe of ned: because he’s so cheerful and carefree! But time passes, and Ned does not want to grow up, he remains a “big kid”.