Кейт Уинслет готовится к разводу с супругом The star didn’t show up for people with husband ned Rocknrolla January. Close to the family sources say that the actress is getting ready to end the marriage, despite the fact that he was a good father for her children.

      Кейт Уинслет готовится к разводу с супругом

      Another birthday – October 5 Kate turned 41 years old – she met in new York on the set of untitled woody Allen film. During the work on the painting, the residents of Coney island, which is the main shooting area, used to see the owner of “Oscar” in the image of a diner waitress from the 50-ies of the last century. But who they have not seen even once, so is her husband.

      According to the official version, the 38-year-old Ned was left to look after three children – stepdaughter MIA, stepson Joe and son Beara in England, the birthplace of his wife, where he moved from America after the wedding. However, this explanation of the fact that the couple led separate lives since the beginning of the year, nobody will be satisfied.


      Кейт Уинслет готовится к разводу с супругом

      “By nature Ned is like a small child, but Kate already has three of these children, say sources close to the actress. Now, if you ask her about her husband, Kate just sighs and compares it with the hitchhiker, who would go anywhere with anyone who agreed to drive”.

      When in the fall of 2011 they began to meet ned at least had a job. His uncle, billionaire Richard Branson, gave the nephew’s head of marketing in his company Virgin Galactic, engaged in the development of space tourism. However, to grab a good position in shameless cronyism, Weeks failed to stay and was dismissed shortly after meeting with the actress. “He was almost never in the office, according to employees of the company. – And even if you came, didn’t do anything”.

      The first wife is the heir to a fortune Eliza Pearson drove the week before uncle. In the moment of encounter with Kate, he was still technically married, but lived apart from Eliza in the time as they both said goodbyes. Then charmed with the week Oscar-winning actress did not make findings of those facts of his biography, but gradually, the charm wore off somehow…


      The first signs of irritation lifestyle Kate’s husband showed in 2013. Then, the Network appeared shots of the costume party in which half-naked Ned was fooling around in the company of students. Kate was furious. It considered that man for thirty-wrong to behave like a young dunce, exposing to ridicule the entire family has to confront her husband and managed to ban the publication of pictures – at least in England. “With weeks to have fun, but the level of intellectual development he is inferior to Kate,” say her friends. In December of the same year, the actress gave newborn son Beare his surname instead of his father. More precisely, the one Week Smith came up with himself just for fun. “My child will not be called Rocknrolla, she explained. – I’m an adult dammit”.

      The disadvantages of Neda bathed that light nature, and emotional closeness with children made him a great father. In an interview Kate did not skimp on the praise. “Children are proud that Ned is the only father who goes to PTA meetings, – said the actress. Im comfortable with him, and I for them still.” But with time and she wanted to sit at PTA meetings, not to star without a break, earning money for the children, husband and family mansion in Sussex.

      “Kate gives two or three films a year, all of her free time is devoted to MIA, Jo, and baby Beara – recognize close to family. – She just once to nurse still and ned. As the sitter’s dad is too expensive, and more useless on the farm. Most likely, when Kate finally set priorities, he will have to pack your bags.”