Kate Winslet has joined the film crew of “Avatar”.

Кейт Уинслет присоединилась к съемочной группе «Аватара».
The actress wanted to work again with James Cameron.

Kate Winslet

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Fans of the franchise, “Avatar” received pleasant
news. As it became known, the team working on the project, valuable
addition — he was joined by Kate Winslet. The film’s Director James Cameron gave her
the role of a character named Ronal. What exactly is the character that will
play Winslet aboriginal the planet Pandora or woman from the Earth, while
unknown. 41-year-old Kate Winslet will join the team which worked on the first
the film, released back in 2009-m year, and enjoyed phenomenal
success, including stars such as Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and Sigourney weaver.

As previously reported, currently
active work on three sequels of the original movie. In how many movies will be involved,Winslet,
also still kept secret. Kate said she is very excited to work again
Cameron. However, the Director is extremely pleased that he managed to get
the actress in their project. “And me and Kate tried to find a way to work
have been together for 20 years since then, we have successfully cooperated during
the filming of “Titanic.” I look forward to when Kate will become Ronal!” — admitted

Cameron confirmed that the already approved terms
the release of all three sequels. First, viewers will see in December 2020, and
the rest — in December 2024 December 2025 and December 2025. James,
tired of waiting which continue favorite movies are often blamed for the fact that he
long to create the next film, explained: “At that time
the release of the first film was
for 11 years, there is nothing surprising or exclusive. Between the first and
the second “Terminator” was a break in seven years, and between the two of “Them.” And
here we are not working on one but three movies. And this creates quite
another situation. It took us a very long time just to
to achieve the vision and vision
all three films!”