Kate Winslet caused his friend bloody injury

Кейт Уинслет нанесла своему другу кровавую травму
The actress was in shock from the incident.

Kate Winslet


Recently Kate Winslet, came on the TV show “The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon, told the shocking
history. Asked 41-year-old actress to remember
some interesting episode of his life, of which she had never

As it turned out, before she decided to become an actress, Kate dreamed of becoming
hairdresser. She successfully clipped all the members of his family and friends. And
once, when one of the friends of her family asked me to fix his haircut
it is a sad incident. “This was a grown man, and he has trusted me with their
hair. And I accidentally cut off a piece of his ear!” — told Winslet.

Shocked the host decided it was at first that Kate was joking or just very
exaggerated inflicted damage. “No, really, I cut a piece and saw
he fell to the floor. And then blood began to flow,” said Winslet. Then, as
Kate admitted that she had experienced such a strong shock that forever
broke up with the dream of becoming a hairdresser.

However, that story had a funny sequel. Winslet many years later I accidentally met the victim from her hands, and he rushed to her… with open arms. Said
she unwittingly helped increase its popularity. “Now I show friends
his injured ear and say, “See, he is missing. Cut it off by accident Kate
Winslet. And all
“Aah” and wonder!” — the man told.