Kate Winslet admitted that weighed 12 years

Кейт Уинслет призналась, что не взвешивалась 12 лет
The actress is completely happy with her appearance and she doesn’t want anything to change in yourself.

In the movie “Three nines”. 2016


Kate Winslet is known for his disregard for the standards of beauty in Hollywood. It is not exposed to any offensive comments on social networks, nor the wishes of the filmmakers to lose weight for a particular role.

“I’ve heard so many times that I’m fat!, — says Winslet. James Cameron fat I was teased and how much I had heard in his youth! I said, “Well, maybe, the role of older bbw sister you good.” “Really? We’ll see about that”, — I thought then. For a long time already hammered on these things, not listening to anyone. Personally, I’m more than satisfied with my body and my figure, and absolutely don’t care what anybody thinks and says. Twelve years have not weighed. (Laughs.) I’m really not a fan of any Spa and massages. And no extra. If I’m not working, so children are involved. Sleep — it is a whole project. Well, if you are able to carry it out”.

The fact is that the famous actress is one of her Hollywood colleagues, don’t have a nanny and servants. And the reason for this, of course, not savings — actress earns enough, as her husband is the nephew of billionaire Richard Branson, ned rock ‘ n ‘ roll.

“I have no chauffeur, no cook, I can’t stand no retinue, says Winslet. Actors, surrounded by a crowd of helpers and assistants, the disgusting spectacle are. It’s bad luck to stop feeling like real, live person. Just because they can afford to shift all the cases and caring for someone else. And I know my children would hate such a situation. I want them recalled chicken soup cooked by their mother, or lunch at school. And as a mother for their education were taken, and so on and so forth. This cycle of Affairs and responsibilities is yielding tangible results. When manage to do everything, there is a hell of a confidence in their abilities. And this, in turn, serves as a great motivation to continue in the same spirit. After forty feel a sense of gratitude for being healthy, that is next to a nice husband and healthy, happy children. What else can have value? Of course, I’m Ned, my husband, helps a lot. I can count on him when busy. He coped with older children, and for our baby, I am always calm. You know, my attitude to life and work is that nobody, except us, will not do our work. Either at home or in the cinema. And if something goes wrong, blame only me. No one else. So my motto is: “dig deeper, work hard and don’t complain!”

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