Катя Жужа откроет свой бизнес после ухода из «Дома-2» Recently it became known that the star of telestroke going to leave the project. According to a sultry brunette, she had her lover, who protested against her busy schedule. In the future Kate Susan is going to become an entrepreneur.

29-year-old star “Houses-2” Katya Zhuzha still leaves the project. The brunette decided to pay more attention to personal life. Recently your girlfriend has a wealthy suitor, who insisted that she resigned from the position of the leading electroni. The man did not like that his other half is constantly working.

A day later in the official account of the reality shows on Instagram there was a post in which Kate confirmed its intention to leave his close-knit team. Brunette stated that it did not hide the reasons for his departure. According to Zsuzsa, any girl will understand her. In the future, a young woman is going to start a family and start my own business. Elect Kathy is going to support her initiative. Other details of the star telestroke not disclose, intriguing the public. Will Susan the founder of fashion brand as her colleagues Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina, is still unknown.

“I have a favorite person. I want a normal family, not so that the man was waiting for me for months of the trip. When my expressed dissatisfaction a few times, I decided to leave. Can’t say that it was given to me difficult. Because with the friends I remain in the same city. I also just love the ranks, as they say. Now I will devote time to the man and the daughter. And we have already discussed with my that I need to start my own business. I will be a businesswoman with an eye on the home and family”, – said the TV star colleagues.

The elect Kate is in no hurry to declassify. Subscribers microblog of Zsuzsa noticed that lately she often brags on social networks with expensive gifts, and then goes to romantic trip abroad. Apparently, the beloved star of “House-2” is configured very seriously.

Previously, Susan was attributed to passion 23-year-old driver Artem Markelov. Young people have repeatedly appeared together in public, which forced to suspect them of a secret affair. However, Kate denied such speculation. “With the Theme we are friends. He is a very cool guy. Fly away with our friend Dima who lives in Dubai,” she explained in a microblog.

In addition, Kate suspected in the hobby stylist Eugene Krivenko, who, in turn, had previously attributed the novel with Olga Orlova. Alleged lovers often spent time together. In this regard, some social media users suggested that Susan crossed the street Orlova. Later, the sultry brunette discovers the truth about the relationship with Krivenko. She said that only friends with Eugene.