Катя Жужа вступилась за мужа A few days ago, the TV news, the reality show “Dom-2” reported that the combined knot with her lover Oleg Vinnik. Kate Susan asked in his microblog of women getting them away from her husband.

      Over the weekend it became known that Kate Susan was engaged to Oleg Vinnik. However, several days later the news, the leading “House-2” has shown a wedding ring, which got all the fans on the idea that the lovers are secretly married by marriage. At the moment Oleg is with Kate in the Seychelles, where the shooting of the reality show.

      The Union of Zsuzsa and winnik caused heated discussions among users on social networks. The man lost his entire family in a plane crash over the Sinai in the autumn of last year. Some blame Oleg for the fact that he so quickly turned his attention to the new girl. However, there were those who believed that winnick deserves to be happy and loved.

      Before Susan shared the new photo with her husband. The picture shows a beautiful ring sparkle on the ring fingers of husband and wife. In the caption to the new portrait of Kate left a dramatic appeal to the potential opponents.

      “By the way, all the ladies who are trying to find the page my husband in Instagram. I’ll have to disappoint you – he’s not here! And never will be!”

      Susan tries to protect beloved from annoying women who crave to know him through social networks. Striking brunette has accused the girls that they imposed, and called him out. “All “women” who write here bad things, wrote to him direct and asked him to meet! Climbed to it in shorts! So, I find it funny to read these unmet chickens,” – said TV presenter.

      Recall, Kate Susan was already married once. From a previous marriage she had a daughter Nicole. “Often write as if I was completely contains ex-husband. That’s not true, the ex-spouse only daughter, he selected a small monthly amount equal to the average salary in Moscow. But it’s not millions roubles, as many people think,” said the presenter about the relationship with the father of her child.

      After parting with her first husband, Katya for some time did not make up novels with men. Soon, however, began to appear the rumors about her relationship with Oleg Vinnik, which the woman did not comment. “To publicly display the details of our conversation, I not going to,” said Susan. After a time, she ceased to hide a new lover and even began to spread in the microblog joint photo with Oleg. Kate Susan enjoy a romantic getaway with a loved

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