Катя Жужа балует дочь дорогими подарками TV presenter from an early age instills his heir great taste in clothes. Kate Susan went with her daughter to the store, where the girl started to ask mom to buy her a luxurious mink coat. Apparently, the woman are unable to refuse Nicole.

      TV presenter of the news, the reality show “Dom-2” Kate Susan in no way denies his daughter Nicole. The girl gets everything she wants. On Friday Kate and her heiress went shopping. Mom and daughter came into the store of mink and rabbit, as in the summer period, on top of winter clothing very often there are discounts. Nicole was impressed by the variety of models and colors, which were presented in the hall.

      Susan posted two videos in which the young fashionista flaunts along the shelves of the store. “I found the coat of my dreams,” says Susan behind the scenes, while the girl wears the clothes of red color. However the next entry for Kati the attention Nicole has switched to the short model with a colored fur. The girl persistently asks leading “House-2” to buy her this coat. “You feel like a man-oligarch” – said Kate in the post.

      Some fans of the star noted that she has spoilt daughter by buying her such expensive clothes. Others, on the contrary, supported the Susan and asked where she found such a fur salon, where sew gorgeous things for small children.

      “Beauty and a fashionista since childhood, so the taste comes”, “Nicole beauty, all in Mama”, “the Main thing is not just to present them, and explain that for every gift the child needs to learn, and to help in the home, and just behave,” Mom, let’s buy the kid a coat, because it is such eyes uttered these words,” said Katie followers.

      Video posted by Kate Susan (@katyajuja555) Aug 12 2016 at 5:46 PDT

      The Network has repeatedly heard rumors that ex-husband of Zsuzsa completely provides herself and little daughter. “Often write as if I was completely contains ex-husband. That’s not true, the ex-spouse only daughter, he selected a small monthly amount equal to the average salary in Moscow. But it’s not millions roubles, as many people think,” said Kate.

      By the way, the TV presenter “House-2” recently secretly married. Husband star became Oleg Vinnik, which caused a negative reaction from users of social networks. Man lost family in the crash, which occurred last year in Egypt. Many thought that it was too early in a new relationship. Susan actively protects a spouse from attacks on the Internet. Kate Susan stood up for her husband

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