Катя Жужа поделилась первым свадебным снимком Leading “House-2” and her lover were to be married by a Catholic priest. Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik bonded their hearts in the Seychelles, where they recently returned already in a new status of the couple.

      Катя Жужа поделилась первым свадебным снимком

      Kate Susan gave a reason for joy to fans in a social network. New leading “House-2” has published the first picture from their secret wedding which took place presumably in the Seychelles.

      The girl did not make family celebrations a Grand-scale event. Even the fact of marriage the followers of the star learned only some time after its accomplishment. Whether relations of Katya and her lover Oleg Vinnik according to the Russian legislation, remains a mystery. However, it is clear that their Union, the pair bonded before God.

      According to the published online photos of a loving married Catholic priest. Susan and winnick did not choose for the triumph of intricate of wedding dresses – the groom was wearing a simple white t-shirt, and the bride in a feminine sundress of the same color.

      “God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two eyes to see, two ears to hear but why only one heart? Second heart gave another order for us to find. #Metodlari #Veineuse”, signed photo from the wedding Catherine.

      It is noteworthy that only in mid-July it became known about the engagement of Zsuzsa Oleg Vinnik. At the same time, a few days leading news program “House-2” has shown a wedding ring. This gave all the fans the stars the idea that the couple secretly married in Holy matrimony. At the time Oleg was with Kate in the Seychelles, where she worked on the set of a reality show. Most likely, in this Paradise of lovers and got married.

      Kate Susan stood up for her husband

      By the way, Susan has a negative attitude towards intervention in her personal life. She is glad that the choice is not his page in the social network. Katya asked their podeschi not even try to find out information about it. “All the ladies who are trying to find the page my husband in Instagram. I’ll have to disappoint you – he’s not here! And never will be!” she wrote in his microblog.

      About the personal life of Oleg Vinnik known only that he survived the terrible tragedy last fall. The man lost his entire family in a plane crash over the Sinai. Kate Susan was able to help the chosen one to endure this grief.

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