Kate Susan said about the scandalous parting with Oleg Vinnik

Катя Жужа заявила о скандальном расставании с Олегом Винником 28-year-old newscaster of “House-2” said in his microblog that finally severed relations with her husband. She admitted that she’s nothing to do with him. The star is sure that their love story came to an end.

      Катя Жужа заявила о скандальном расставании с Олегом Винником

      Kate Susan openly told his followers that broke up with businessman Oleg Vinnik. She published their joint portrait, which was accompanied by an angry comment. Susan made it clear it has no intention to associate with him his fate. Recall that the pair modestly got married in the Seychelles this summer. Fans of the pairs of the marriage found out later, when I discovered that the girl’s finger ring.

      Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

      A few months after the wedding, Kate has declared in the microblog that it no longer is in a relationship with Vinnik. However, after some time, the celebrity has discouraged its subscribers when he uploaded a photo op with the choice. Then the TV host wrote under the image that they came to St. Petersburg to watch the bridges. Netizens were pleasantly surprised by this news and began to congratulate all lovers with the reconciliation. However, after two months, the situation repeated itself.

      Катя Жужа заявила о скандальном расставании с Олегом Винником

      Subscribers of the pair, quite possibly, could doubt that this separation will be the last. Apparently, they cherish the hope that young people will be reunited. After the first gap the followers were actively discussing the possible reasons for this decision. Some were of the opinion that kata is hard to live with a man who a year ago lost his entire family, while others are convinced that Oleg was not easy to build a relationship with a clean slate. Anyway, love has always found the strength to forgive and to start all over again.

      Kate Susan is not always honest with my subscribers, sometimes hiding some of the details of his personal life. It creates so many mixed feelings from her statements. Like last time, the followers have a clear confidence that Katya and Oleg will be able to revive the relationship. The presenter has displayed a sense of jealousy of the chosen one, was trying to fend off the attacks of enemies, and only believe proven facts. Kate Susan checked on her husband’s infidelity