Kate Susan left her husband because of his greed

Катя Жужа ушла от мужа из-за его жадности Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made calculations and found out that was the cause of divorce of star pair. According to women, this relationship was dominated by Kate Susan that can’t satisfy neither one of the lovers. Also, the expert is sure: winnick can’t give the anchor “House-2” such a secure life to which she aspires.

      Катя Жужа ушла от мужа из-за его жадности

      Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik broke up. That he has no links with a leading “House-2”, the businessman said in his blog. Rumors about the affair with Katya and Oleg began to spread in January of this month and in August a pair of legalized relationships in the Seychelles. None of the spouses does not comment on the reason for the breakup. “We are too different people,” Dole explained the situation winnick. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of young people and found out why he ended their relationship.

      “Kate – the girl with character – said Clara. Her life code – 3811369 says that she was born in “day of work”. She’s the host of a sign of popularity – such was Pushkin or Tsiolkovsky. The girl’s strong-willed character – if she’s up to something, don’t stop at nothing to achieve a goal. She is a talented girl, she has a good sense of humor. Kate has hypnotic powers, it is almost impossible to cheat. She’s a mile away can smell a lie or a betrayal – I do not advise her to hang noodles on the ears. She’s a hard worker, not afraid of any work. Katya honest, open person, not capable of betrayal. All the emotions that Kate is experiencing, you can read it in her face. In its life the program four eights – usually such people are doomed to be financially secure, regardless of whether they were born in the family of oligarchs or simple. It refers to the type of female amulets – being around her brings good luck.”

      According to numerology, the news presenter “House-2” has a sharp temper, which affects her communication with people.

      “She’s a difficult character, she is domineering and demanding. Girl are prone to constant mood swings, continues Clara. – To get rid of them, it is worth a visit yoga. In numerology, there is a concept – the “blue vampire”. It’s about Kate. In those moments when she bad mood, it is not easy to be around – the whole soul shook. With her it is never possible to predict how she will behave the next minute to laugh or cry. Her man must be endowed with iron patience. Let us add here a huge ambition and the phrase “it Will be as I said!”, which Kate rejected all attempts to argue with her, and here it is, the portrait of Zsuzsa”.
      Катя Жужа ушла от мужа из-за его жадности

      Clara Kuzenbaeva sure now in the life of Katie in a period when it is much more difficult to recover emotionally after any shocks. Susan is sensitive and receptive to everything and this is seriously affecting her attitude.

      “After the onset of 28 years in the life of Katya began challenging strip – recognized numerologist. – It will often roll depression, but Susan must not let yourself sink into despair – she code man holiday and as soon as she start to feel sad, her luck will be taken away. New lover Kate will meet in 30 years.”

      The numerologist counted the code Oleg winnick and came to the conclusion that his interests differ greatly from those of stalking his ex-girlfriend. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, in relations with Cathay Susan he could not dominate, and it played a role in the breakup.

      “Life code, Oleg – 358336 – suggests that he’s a powerful man and a great artist, concluded the woman. – He was born in “the day the material motives”. Their relationship with Kate was doomed, because Kate with his four units in the code dominated Oleg, having a matrix of only 2 units. When a woman stronger than men, the male is not satisfied, and he begins to seek a relationship on the side. Oleg this is an energy vampire, like Kate, but unlike her, he’s a patient man, so loving and fled a month later relations. He seeks to be rich and achieve their goal. But he is a very greedy man – Kate should not be upset because of their breakup, because of the lifestyle that she wanted Oleg to ensure the girl can not. He married at 34 years old, and the marriage will be of convenience”.