Катя Жужа выходит замуж Apparently, the TV news, the reality show “Dom-2” has finally ceased to conceal his relationship with Oleg Vinnik. In his microblog she showed the engagement ring. Happy Kate accepts congratulations from fans.

      In the life of 28-year-old former participant “Houses-2” Katya’s Zsuzsa has been a lot of changes. Her lover, the singer and composer Oleg Vinnik, made young an offer hands and hearts. Of course, Katya answered him Yes. That she will soon marry a loved one, Susan wrote in his Instagram. In the pictures shared by the celebrity on social networks, on her ring finger you may notice an engagement ring.

      Fans of Katie congratulated her on the impending change in marital status. “Happiness to you, don’t listen to any nonsense”, “Cool”, “good for you”, “take care of each other. I wish you health and boundless happiness! P. S. Long life together and grow old together,” “Encourage each other day by day to make it so that you could not breathe in each other and were always together,” “Kate, you deserve it, such a cool girl, beautiful, smart, funny, cheerful”, “Peace to you, and more kids,” wrote fans of Zsuzsa in the comments to her post.

      By the way, more recently, Katya and Oleg carefully hid their relationship from prying eyes. The girl deleted the pictures together with her lover some time after their publication than has led many into a state of bewilderment. And Susan, and winnick also tried not to comment on personal life. “What connects us, stays between us. To display the details of our conversation, I not going,” said friend Ksenia Borodina in interview to one of editions.

      Recently, however, the TV star has shed light on an affair with an artist. The birthday of the singer Katya gave him an unforgettable surprise. She decorated the room Oleg colorful balloons in heart shape. And at the wedding Director Ksenia Borodina Lion Susan made a joint photo with Oleg and signed it with the words “We’re next”. However, a day later after the party Kate hastened to remove this picture.

      Kate Susan gave beloved a romantic surprise

      Recall also that the leading daughter Nicole’s first civil marriage. In an interview with reporters Kate said it was her greatest achievement in life. With the girl’s father, a young mother keeps a friendly relationship. He periodically provides her and her child financial support. According to Zsuzsa, she gets along well with former lover and still considers him a member of his family.

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