Kate Susan introduces the successor to life on “House-2”

Катя Жужа приобщает наследницу к жизни на «Доме-2» Leading nine year old daughter went with her to the Seychelles. Kate Susan decided to take the girl with him to work. For that, Nicole was forced to leave before the end of the academic year at school to spend time with mom.

Leading “House-2” Kate Susan went to the “House-2”, which is located in the Seychelles. A young woman plans to stay at the resort a month and a half. She decided that she will not be able to survive the separation from his daughter because of work, and therefore took the child with them. For this nine-year-old Nicole even threw in a couple of weeks before the end of the school year in high school to be near my mom.

“Who was looking for Nicole? And here she is, side by side. Where am I without it will fly? Of course, she’s Flying with me to the Seychelles. Ran away from school 10 days earlier. Fly for a long time. A month and a half on the island will be,” wrote Kate in the microblog.

Before Kate Susan did the news of the project “Dom-2”, and will now take part in the life of the participants of the popular telestroke to discuss with them problems in relation to Calvary and to solve conflicts.

Apparently, Kate and Nicole enjoy the stay on the island. All her free time Susan spends with the child. Probably, the girl has taste this holiday. Fans were pleased that the young mother went on a trip with her daughter.

“Not a tragedy, last days at school – no new curricula she did not miss”, “10 days earlier to leave school and go to rest – it’s not so bad”, “so pretty” – admired the followers of a celebrity.

Kate Susan joined Olga Orlova, which recently became the leading “House-2”. They are happy to bring the show together. The singer admitted to “StarHit” that is not against its 15-year-old son Artem to watch the project with her participation, however, makes a reservation – now the teenager is not to the TV. He is busy studying and preparing for exams. Now Orlov settled in as the leading “House-2”, although not originally talking about the change in career friends, until then, had not yet reached the first release. Olga Orlova allows son to watch “House-2” with her participation

“I’m not afraid of convictions. I believe that everyone in the world will not please. People always criticized shows. “Dom-2″ is no exception! Someone scolds, someone supports. But, as the figures show, the project remains today one of the most popular in our country,” admitted Orlova “StarHit”.