Kate Susan hinted to a quick wedding

Катя Жужа намекнула на скорую свадьбу The presenter began to discuss the celebration. Girl dreams to have a holiday in Russia. Summer Kate Susan and her partner Oleg Vinnik exchanged wedding rings, but did not organize a sumptuous Banquet.

      Катя Жужа намекнула на скорую свадьбу

      Not so long ago fans leading news about “the House-2” Katie’s shocked Zsuzsa unexpected news – she broke up with her husband Oleg Vinnik. This was announced by the man himself in his microblog. He asked not to bother him with questions about his personal life. As it turned out, between Katya and Oleg just had a conflict they could work. Now between the lovers once again at peace, and Katia and is intrigued by the publication about his upcoming nuptials.

      Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik back together

      Susan has published a screenshot of correspondence with the organizer of weddings Anna young Goradia. As you can tell from the dialogue, Kate and Anna were discussing the ceremony. The conversation ended with that the girls decided to meet and discuss all the details personally.

      Fans could not believe their own eyes and tried to ask the presenter at least some details about the upcoming celebration. In late July, fans speculated that Kate and Oleg sealed their Union on the lovers ring finger appeared engagement ring. However, a magnificent celebration on this occasion the pair was not satisfied. It is likely, now they are chic celebrate such an important event.

      “This is Kate about the wedding so casually boasted. And all the friend discussed, Class. Congratulations. The wedding will be when?”, “They did not have celebrations, they just sign it,” – began to discuss the publication of the presenter.

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva assumed that all conflicts occur because of the complicated nature of the presenter. In her confession, the man must have incredible patience.

      “She’s a difficult character, she is domineering and demanding. Girl are prone to constant mood swings, said Clara. – To get rid of them, it is worth a visit yoga. In numerology, there is a concept – the “blue vampire”. It’s about Kate. In those moments when she bad mood, it is not easy to be around – the whole soul shook. With her it is never possible to predict how she will behave the next minute to laugh or cry. Her man must be endowed with iron patience. Let us add here a huge ambition and the phrase “it Will be as I said!”, which Kate rejected all attempts to argue with her, and here it is, the portrait of Zsuzsa”.