Kate Susan harshly punishes daughter for poor grades

Катя Жужа жестко наказывает дочь за плохие оценки TV presenter wants the child to study well. Kate Susan told the followers that she had to go to extreme measures to encourage Nicole to pay more attention to homework rather than entertainment.

Former leading reality show “Dom-2” Kate Susan has a daughter Nicole. Now the girl is studying in primary school. Mother monitors the child’s progress and dreams that she grew up literate and educated man. However, like many children, Nicole has to work in order to remember the material and study only for grades. Katya sometimes punishes a girl when her grades are falling. Now many children can not imagine their life without gadgets, but because parents often zapreshaet them if the child misbehaves or studying. According to the presenter, it brings visible results.

“When Nicole relaxes in school, the worst punishment is to take her iPhone for a week. In return, we give her the “standby” red pushbutton phone so she could call me. But I can tell you that a week without the iPhone makes itself known! My child from the “boredom” without the phone begins to read, gets to school only 4 and 5, and she’s not in the iPhone for 100 hours in a day, thus retains his sight. The lessons from now on we do not to 12 PM, and 6 PM,” admitted Katya.

Leading also believes that gadgets deprive the child’s childhood. She asked her fans if they agree with her opinion аtot also asked how they discipline their children.

“I agree! I even take a month! Because obviously there is a dependence and degradation”, “In my opinion, should not be punished in such a way as to exclude the maximum the phone of life. Only by personal example,” “I believe that the phone can be given in the evenings, when lessons will do everything to give a couple of hours… And the school let him walk with just a phone purely for calls. In school to learn, not in the iPhone to sit”, – shared his opinion of the subscribers will Kati.

Despite the fact that Susan is very worried about the child’s education, she often took her with him to rest on the island, when he worked in the “House-2”. They also love to travel, and the school never became a barrier to Nicole went on a trip. Followers frequently criticized Kate for the fact that it separates the daughter from the educational process.

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