Kate Susan got rid of the fat on the face

Катя Жужа избавилась от жира на лице Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have decided on a major procedure. Kate Susan asked the hospital to have her double chin removed. According to star, this procedure is almost painless and effective.

The former participant “Houses-2” Katya Zhuzha has decided to do another procedure to improve the appearance. At the presenter had problems with excess fatty deposits in the face. Susan didn’t like her double chin. By injection the young woman brought the oval to the right.

“You have to see it! Just took a picture, and just did the procedure lifting. The effect, as you can see, immediately after the first treatment. Only need three treatments once a month. The effect lasts a year. But then again, each all individually. But I don’t believe that it took me my second chin, immediately!” — shared the star.

Some followers have expressed doubt that the Zsuzsa do have effect after injection. They noted that in the second photo a slightly different angle from which lifted his chin. Members asked, did Katya fillers in the lips. She denied this, saying only about the tattoo.

In addition, the former leading “House-2” decided to improve the shape of the buttocks. According to her, the clinic is doing with the help of special injections. Young woman admitted that she really don’t like spending a lot of time in the gym, so she chose this method to attain a perfect shape.

Recall, Kate Susan left the place leading project “Dom-2”, as it was decided to focus on his personal life. A few months after leaving the reality show she played a secret wedding. Now a young woman develops her own business and spends much time with the family. Katie has a daughter Nicole. “We have a tradition to please each other. For example, recently I was in Dubai, Nicole couldn’t take because of school. So she didn’t miss much, every day he ordered a delivery of something pleasant: a basket of berries, the designer, the bouquet… So the daughter felt that wherever I was, she for me is always on the first place,” shared Susan ,talking about the presents for the heiress. Daughter Kati of Zsuzsa: “Train hand on housekeepers”