Катя Жужа устроила любимому романтический сюрприз Friend Ksenia Borodina decided to make a day of your choice even more joyful. Kate Susan prepared a birthday of Oleg Vinnik. Not long ago, a couple even hid the affair from prying eyes, and now the news presenter “House-2” showing his feelings in a microblog.

      Friend Ksenia Borodina Katya Zhuzha decided to cook for his beloved Oleg Vinnik an unforgettable surprise. In honor of the birthday of the chosen one she tried to do everything to her beloved man enjoyed the occasion.

      “We have the most important day,” wrote the news presenter “House-2”.

      Susan demonstrated all of his fans, the love and care she reacted to the birthday of his beloved. She decorated the room with balloons of red and black colors, and on the floor and beds laid out two red hearts. Fans girlfriend Ksenia Borodina was in awe of how Kate tried to Oleg.

      #happybirthday #mylove

      Photos published Kate Susan (@katyajuja555) Jul 15 2016 at 2:22 PDT

      “You’re so good for you, Katyusha! That will do for the one you love!”, “I join in the congratulations! You, Katya, good, real care and support”, “Oleg’s birthday. Everything will be fine. Happiness, love, prosperity, health, and take life, tightly holding hands, and as close as in the photo,” commented members of the publication of Zsuzsa.

      Of course, like any holiday, on a table there was a birthday cake. Kate regretted that she had not yet learned to bake sweets yourself, and therefore appealed to the shop. The cake was decorated with two sugar hearts with Declaration of love.

      Despite the fact that the novel Kathy and Oleg began to say a long time ago, Susan did not seek to flaunt their relationship. She deleted the pictures shortly after publication, leaving fans in disbelief. The fact that less than a year as the beloved Katie of Zsuzsa lost his family in a terrible plane crash. His wife and two small children flew flight Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, but never made it to the destination. Now, apparently, a widower found happiness, met a new love in the person of Katie Zsuzsa.

      Photos published Kate Susan (@katyajuja555) Jul 15 2016 6:09 PDT

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