Катя Жужа сбежала из страны вместе с Олегом Винником The news presenter “House-2”, like many of her colleagues, decided to spend the rest of holidays by the sea. A young woman flew to the UAE. But fans was most surprised that celebrity has made her beloved man, with whom they made peace for the New year.

      Kate Susan flew to rest in Dubai. Presenter actively publishes in the Network vivid pictures and tells about her first impressions of the trip. Celebrity is the third time over the past year spends holidays in UAE, but now with her was her daughter and beloved man Oleg Vinnik. For fans of Zsuzsa, it was a real surprise. Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik could not stand the separation

      The star has not commented on the relationship with the chosen one. Judging by the posts on social networks, Kate Susan is happy to relax with Oleg Vinnik. She is actively sharing their combined shots on site. By the way, some footage captured the heiress to the leading Nicole. Under one of the photos with my daughter Kate shared their impressions.

      “I love Dubai! The rest of my live: palm trees, skyscrapers, clubs, children’s parties, zoo, aquarium. But this rest is generally not a hotel. For those who have not been there, but going to take separate tickets and hotel. Preferably Business Bay or Marina. Here’s the whole tour,” wrote in microblogging celebrity.

      Kate Susan forgot to show the audience microblog and your new interesting swimsuit design. The bikini flatters the chest and a thin waist leading. Fans of the bold brunette complimented her on it and said that the young woman looks great.

      Note that Susan has disabled the comments under some pictures. Probably she doesn’t want to make to public discussion of privacy, which is full of contradictory developments. Instead, it simply places the personnel at the skyscrapers and photos from partner and daughter. Apparently, Oleg and Nicole found a common language with each other. “My sweet couple. Family,” said Katya under the of people dear to her.

      However, most users of social networks began to discuss the relationship Kathy and Oleg. Some subscribers have written that they were happy for the pair. “Are you still together?”, “We are very happy for you. You look great. A luxury holiday to you, When you have time to quarrel and be reconciled?”, “Well done, that stay together, no matter what,” commented Katie pictures of Zsuzsa followers. However, some commentators condemned the presenter because she shows too much of life online.