Kate Susan exchanged personal life to work

Катя Жужа променяла личную жизнь на работу TV presenter admitted that daughter alone. With the girl’s father, Kate has maintained friendly relations, but they communicate very rarely. While heart star freely, as she devotes more time to career development.
Катя Жужа променяла личную жизнь на работу

TV presenter of the project “Dom-2” Kate Susan tries to succeed in his career. The girl admitted that expanding into new horizons in the field of music, so it has no time for relationships with men.

“I’m perfectly able to combine in life the pleasant with the useful. So I can not say that all the time devote to work. With the same success, spend time with family and friends. I guess I was already used to being in non-stop mode,” shared Susan.

The presenter noted that cherishes the TV show, that participation in it has helped Katya to achieve fame. Recently the girl fascinated by a new profession – DJ. “All right, now I’m starting the tour, which will travel all Russia, together with my DJ-set. At this stage, to predict something difficult, it’s just the beginning, and then we will see but in the Grand plans I have touring around the world,” – said Zsuzsa.

Kate stressed that long been accustomed to increased attention from fans. Despite the crowds of fans, the girl is lonely. “Today I can say that I was in love only twice in my life. Although, perhaps, mistaken. Perhaps it would be correct to give an honest answer, especially to yourself when you turn 60 years. Hopefully, then I will have strong family, children and answers, including on such issues. Now I can firmly say that I believe in love, believe that it exists, but at the moment, beside me there is no right man.”

Kate confessed that maintains friendly relations with the father of the daughter Nicole. The TV presenter spends a lot of time with the child.

“I spent my life raising a daughter is one and again, again, my schedule may seem tight, not me! I give Nicole as much time, we kept up with it together,” said Susan in an interview with “Wday”.