Катя Жужа эффектно разделась в Доминикане The presenter showed a great view of the back. Gorgeous figure Zsuzsa Katie’s the envy of her fans. On the Atlantic coast friend Ksenia Borodina went on a vacation with her husband and daughter.

      Leading the news, the reality show “Dom-2” Kate Susan is enjoying the best days in my life. Not so long ago best friend Ksenia Borodina married and now with husband and daughter resting in the Dominican Republic. Kate Susan shared their first wedding picture

      The couple chose Punta Cana is a resort area located on the Atlantic coast.

      Most of the time the newly formed family spends at the beach. So, every day microblogging Katie of Zsuzsa regularly updated with amazing images of her posing in different swimsuits and shawls. But one of the photo teledive aroused her fans with special emotions. In the picture Susan is captured in bikini ultra pink. The star photographer turned his back, so that everyone can personally verify that Katia is good and effective, it does not say.

      The smooth curves of the back, narrow waist, inflated buttocks. The perfection of forms presenter has caused excitement among the followers of her microblog. Under the photo for a short period of time managed to leave comments several thousand people.

      “You’re amazing and stunning girl! Happiness and health to you and your family!” “Thank you for the beautiful and fun photos”, “You are just charming and beautiful!” “You are a wonderful mother and a awesome girl”, “Luxurious. As always!” “Awesome!”, – do not skimp on the epithets, the followers of Katie Zsuzsa.

      Likely that husband of Katie Oleg Vinnik has nothing against his wife shared with fans pictures of similar content. Most likely, he makes these gorgeous photos that Susan publishes in the microblog. Unlike his wife, Oleg Vinnik – not a public person and doesn’t your blog. “All the ladies who are trying to find the page my husband in Instagram. I’ll have to disappoint you – he’s not here! And never will be!”, – stopped once all attempts by foreign girls to communicate with her husband telediva.

      It is worth Recalling that the Union of Zsuzsa Katya and Oleg Vinnik caused heated discussions among users on social networks. The man lost his entire family in a plane crash over the Sinai in the autumn of last year. Some were quick to blame Oleg for the fact that he so quickly turned his attention to the new girl. However, there were those who believed that winnick deserves to be happy and loved.

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