Kate Susan dispelled rumors about the patronage of Ksenia Borodina

Катя Жужа развеяла слухи о протекции Ксении Бородиной New leading “House-2” told about how he got into the program. Kate Susan is outraged by the rumors that she was on the screen, thanks to the help of his longtime girlfriend, Ksenia Borodina, who heads the air of telestroke.

      Катя Жужа развеяла слухи о протекции Ксении Бородиной

      In the team’s undisputed leading “House-2” was replenished. Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina joined Kate Susan. Coincidentally, the girl is a longtime friend Borodina. Unsurprisingly, many viewers of telestroke, hearing the news anchor Juju, assumed to be on TV helped her Ksenia.

      “I do not doubt that it will be to write,” says Kate. – We’ve been friends with Linda for ten years and, naturally, the first thought of ill-wishers, the well – known friend got that through Juju! In addition to the casting I came Kusini other friend, for example, Karina Petrosyan, Katia Zatsepina. I wonder why then Borodin didn’t jam all the rest?!”

      Katie indignation is understandable, because she had to survive in the fierce competition in the audition. She admits that when she was told they would call back, waiting for her seemed like eternity. Kati’s happiness knew no bounds, when to do the news show chose her.

      It is noteworthy that the special education she received, although it tries very hard to look and behave at a high level. Susan follows the advice Borodina, who has extensive experience in the air.

      “Xenia told me to be myself: it is not necessary specially to put it and someone to build itself from. Xue said: “You took because you’re you!” – says Kate in an interview with “House-2”.

      Recall, the creators of news are electroni Nadezhda Ermakova and Rustam Kalganov. They chose from dozens of contenders for the leading position in frame Kate Juju, which has already appeared in the life of Ksenia Borodina. Many fans of “House-2” are familiar with this name, besides the girl has more than seven hundred thousand followers in Instagram. Photos from the filming of the program Susan has published itself. “Hi. I – Kate Susan, the new news presenter “House-2″. See me on the air Sunday,” she signed the. Fans of Katie wished her success.

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