Катя Жужа открыла правду об отношениях с бывшим мужем TV presenter commented on the rumors that ex-husband contains it. According to Katya’s Zsuzsa, a man only allocates funds for the daughter, but the question of million is not. A young mother explained why her communication with the child’s father at the time had gone.

      Катя Жужа открыла правду об отношениях с бывшим мужем

      The object of heated debate in the Network, Kate Susan is a long time. However, if before talking about it was limited to the topic of her friendship with Ksenia Borodina, but recently rumors began to spread to other aspects of her life. For example, many people are concerned the question of how a young single mother can afford such a luxurious life.

      Car premium, expensive restaurants, furs and spacious apartment in the capital, according to many, Susan is not able to provide herself. Therefore, web users are convinced that it contains ex-husband, with whom she had a daughter Nicole. Itself leading news on the TV project “Dom-2” has denied the speculation.

      “Often write as if I was completely contains ex-husband. That’s not true, the ex-spouse only daughter, he selected a small monthly amount equal to the average salary in Moscow. But it’s not millions roubles, as many people think,” explained Susan.
      Катя Жужа открыла правду об отношениях с бывшим мужем

      This young mother stressed that with the father of her child, she still managed to maintain friendly relations. The former spouses get along well, and together make all the decisions regarding his daughter. Katya hides warm feelings for the former choice and considers him a member of his family.

      “The history of our relations is quite simple – we met in a restaurant, then he courted me for two months and then we started Dating,” says Susan. After three years of relationship came to light Nicole, we waited a long time for the birth of the child. True, at first I wanted a boy, but when he saw her, immediately she felt the happiest in the world. Alas, after replenishment in our family relationship with her husband went wrong. We started fighting and soon parted”.

      Interestingly, the man calmly accepts the fact that his baby mom’s new relationship, and little Nicole is good for her chosen one. Kate Susan had an affair with Oleg Vinnik, who lost his wife and two children in a plane crash over the Sinai in October last year. For a long time, the couple chose to hide their relationship from others, but recently openly said about them. A couple of weeks ago Susan with her daughter and new lover traveled to Europe. Judging by the photos published in social networks, the family had a great time. However, to share the details of this novel Kate is in no hurry. Kate Susan enjoy a romantic getaway with a loved

      “What binds us together with Oleg Vinnik, will remain only between us – said Susan in an interview with “House-2″. – To display the details of our conversation, I not going to.”

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