Kate Susan continues to improve your appearance

Катя Жужа продолжает улучшать свою внешность
Ex-member of popular reality show “Dom-2” Kate Susan recently ventured again to resort to services to improve their appearance.

Катя Жужа продолжает улучшать свою внешность

This time she decided to get rid of excess fat on the face. She hated her double chin, so Susan was injected, which allowed to achieve the desired result.

Катя Жужа продолжает улучшать свою внешность

“You have to see it! Just took a picture, and just did the procedure lifting. The effect, as you can see, immediately after the first treatment. Only need three treatments once a month. The effect lasts a year. But then again, each all individually. But I don’t believe that it took me my second chin, immediately!” — told Susan.

It is worth noting that some time ago she decided to leave the place leading to the project, stating that he wanted to devote more time to his personal life.

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