Kate Susan broke up with Oleg Vinnik because of the baby

Катя Жужа рассталась с Олегом Винником из-за ребенка The TV reality show “Dom-2” has revealed details of the relationship with the former chosen one. In an interview with a young woman told about a rough breakup with businessman. Kate Susan broke the silence and explained, which caused problems with Oleg Vinnik.

A Kati of Zsuzsa and her ex-elect Oleg Vinnik was watched by thousands of people in social networks. The couple met in January last year. A businessman from Saint-Petersburg recently widowed, having lost two children and a wife in a plane crash on mount Sinai, so first spoke with Kate as a friend.

Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

By March they realized that their relationship ceased to be friendly, and therefore began to live together. When last summer, on the personal page of Katie there were photos from the wedding on Seychelles, many decided that it has formalized a relationship with Oleg. However, it turned out that it was a spontaneous ceremony in the registry office they were not.

“Fly to the capital, he secretly found the perfect ring. Woke me up in the night, said, “Baby, I’m sorry that I did offer”, kissed, and put on my finger two carats,” said the reality star.

A few months ago, the lovers broke off relations. Fans of Zsuzsa wondered why they broke up. Leading long kept silence. However in a candid interview with Kate admitted that they are unable to resolve the issue of children. To this they easily solved all the conflicts that sometimes arise.

“We had a fight because of trivia, even to remember the cause can not! We screamed, smashed candlesticks, cut the painting, which depicts happy… I sat in tears on the edge of the bed and said can not continue. I looked at him one last time, and Oleg gathered his things. I was so filled with negativity that dripped through the roof – we did break up, when a quarrel was Nicole talking about the baby…” – says Kate.

After the break, Katya and Oleg, sometimes copied, but to get back together and failed. According to Susan, at that moment, she stopped easily forgive people. Remembering the relationship with Winnick, she never scolds, noting that he was good to her.

“He was caring and gentle. If I, God forbid, a sick stomach, but he was carrying me in her arms to the bed, give a pill, filled up with flowers and Goodies,” he told the star.

After recovering from her breakup with Winnick, Susan was able to find the strength again to love. She didn’t believe that I will meet a person who is much like her. “I begin to speak, he continues. We have the full absolute understanding. I’m embarrassed to say that we really do not swear – say “lying”, but the way it is,” admitted a happy Kate in an interview with “House-2”.