Катя Жужа похвасталась заботливым мужем The news presenter “House-2” showed a video involving his wife. The footage Oleg Vinnik doing the cooking. Fans of Zsuzsa Katie was glad for the family idyll of the couple and wished them to maintain a reverent attitude to each other forever.

      Катя Жужа похвасталась заботливым мужем

      Leading news about “the House-2” Kate Susan has recently married his chosen Oleg Vinnik. The lovers did not play a big wedding – TV presenter only has published a photo, which fans considered her ring finger wedding ring. Now the couple enjoys the pleasures of family life. Kate filmed a short video in which her husband cooks for the family.

      “Cook in”, signed Susan.

      Fans were very happy that my beloved touching treat each other. They wished Katya and Oleg infinite love.

      “Oleg really has changed! Take care of him, Katyusha, and the kids soon. He needs an heir!”, “Kate, nobody will be bored. You’re really cool and fun”, “wow look at you, two happy people! Keep it goin”, “You just found each other. Male do you have humor and you’re funny. It’s aerobatics. Happiness to you, dear,” he supported many followers the presenter.

      After between Winnick and Susan had a relationship, the pair had to hear many unpleasant conversations. The fact that Oleg had lost his wife and two children in a plane crash over the Sinai, which occurred less than a year ago. Some netizens condemned the young men for such a swift romance and marriage.

      Kate does not often indulge their fans with photos together with your spouse. Apparently, she tries not to attract too much attention to their family. Winnick is not chasing popularity and is not registered in social networks, and contact with reporters, he is not. “All the ladies who are trying to find the page my husband in Instagram. I’ll have to disappoint you – he’s not here! And never will be!”, wrote Susan in order to prevent attempts of the girls to find her lover.

      After the secret wedding, the lovebirds went on a romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic. The couple chose Punta Cana is a resort area located on the Atlantic coast. Kate Susan effectively stripped in the Dominican Republic

      Kate has a daughter from his first marriage to Nicole. Ex-husband not to deprive your baby’s attention and helps financially. “Often write as if I was completely contains ex-husband. That’s not true, the ex-spouse only daughter, he selected a small monthly amount equal to the average salary in Moscow. But it’s not millions roubles, as many people think,” explained Susan.