Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik back together

Катя Жужа и Олег Винник снова вместе The presenter came to her husband in Saint Petersburg. Kate Susan, that this week she confirmed the news about the separation with her husband, reunited with him. The couple spends the weekend in the Northern capital, walking its streets and observing the raising of the bridges.

      TV presenter Kate Susan and her husband Oleg Vinnik this week was intrigued by all of his fans, who are not indifferent to the relationship in this stellar pair. First choice teledive has informed in the microblog that it was over between them and he moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik broke up

      Then the information about divorce with Oleg Vinnik in a phone interview with “StarHit” has confirmed itself Katya Zhuzha. But as it turns out now, it was just a misunderstanding, a normal family quarrel. After all, according to the publication of “Instagram” Zsuzsa, she and her husband together again. And Kate arrived together with my husband in Saint Petersburg. The husband and wife took a group selfie on a street of the Northern capital. In the photo both look pretty happy, like just a couple of days ago that they are not categorically stated about the impossibility to be together.

      “I went to watch the bridges” – said Kate Susan under a joint photo with Oleg Vinnik. In the light of information about a possible separation of the couple, this phrase sounds a bit allegorical.

      Fans of Kathy Jury are in complete confusion. On the one hand, they almost managed to believe that her marriage broke up, on the other, glad that their favorite is happy in the arms of her husband, with whom she had planned the day before to divorce.

      “How nice of you together! Be happy! Well done!”, “All happens in life. Most importantly, you need time to decide”, “Kate, why are you not divorced?”, “Not divorced and the glory of God”, “They are not married!”, “Kate, God forbid that fate was not dissolved” – discuss the news in Instagram’s Zsuzsa its followers.

      We will remind that in August of this year, Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik legalized their relationship in the Seychelles. The lovers did not organize the wedding-a luxurious celebration. The bride was dressed in a white sundress and the groom in a shirt of light hue and black trousers.

      Fans of Zsuzsa learned about the change of her marital status immediately, but after some amount of time. The fact that she prefers not to publicize the details of his personal life. Leading “House-2” only shared in one of my social networking a picture taken in the Church.