Kate Susan accused Xenia Borodin in lies

Катя Жужа обвинила Ксению Бородину во лжи Conflict presenters will be continued. Kate Susan was tired of rumors on the subject of their quarrel with Borodina, so I decided to comment on their relationship. According to the stars “House-2”, she had not hold a grudge against Xenia, but the women’s friendship now believes.

In January 2018, fans of “House-2” was shocked by a sudden quarrel that arose between Ksenia Borodina and Katia Susan. Young women unflattering spoke about each other, despite years of binding their friendship. Fans of the show immediately had their hypotheses about the causes of the conflict.

Two months later she decided herself to comment on the situation. She wrote a great post dedicated to a former friend, laying out a joint photo.

“Friends is not a grunt. And it’s not the packs that you open to show their superiority. And not in the air and a bunch of posts that Gawker will spread on wordy chatter on the Internet. People who were there and chose not to share with you neither success nor fall, neither sorrow, nor joy, it is necessary to be able to thank them for their good. Well, they were friends. Well, stopped. It is neither bad nor good. In short, ladies, I loved you. And somewhere continue to love,” said Susan.

Also the young woman did not miss the opportunity to accuse Xenia in a lie. During a recent live broadcast on Instagram Borodin told how financially assisted ex-friend. According to the presenter, she contributed to the development of the career of Zsuzsa, hyped Instagram account. However, did not wait for thanks from Katie.

Susan herself has denied such accusations. Moreover, it condemned Borodin for the commercialism and lies.

“I thank my ex-girlfriend for the fact that I transferred 100 rubles on a card, when I needed it. That “kept” me, my daughter, the dog and the dog dog, if you will, if from the fact that it is the sign of our friendship. And who cares what is true and what is not” – summed up the ex-leading “House-2”.

Many fans supported Juju, but there were those who condemned her for wanting to “hypnoti” on the topic of conflict. She young woman said that the other friend Borodina is not sincere towards her. “And better for me personally to stop podrachivat for fear of losing freestuff stories on a couple million views mark, rather than lie to yourself” – said Katya.

A young woman now intends to develop its business and continue to build a successful career in the world of show business. Susan rarely appears in Russia, preferring to live and work abroad. Previously, she argued that left the “House-2” because of the new relationship. However, while the star prefers not to advertise his personal life.