Kate Semenova: “shot me and tried to poison»

Катя Семенова: «В меня стреляли и пытались отравить» My meeting with a famous singer who wanted to live with her husband happily ever after.
Катя Семенова: «В меня стреляли и пытались отравить»

I often go home the heroes of his interviews, but in Katya Semenova I first tried candied beets, and saw in the window a bullet hole.

While I drink tea with a delicious candied beets, carrots and pumpkins, Kate tells how, with the light hand of a friend living in the town of Vyksa, came to the Board of Trustees on restoration of the Iversky women’s monastery: “I Tried to provide them some service, in April, will go there with a charity concert, and from the convent brought me these delicious gifts. You help yourself, Andrew, I still have”.

Although the 57-year-old singer does not luxuriate and live in your Studio apartment more than modest, charity for her business as usual. Recently, for example, she was transferred for treatment Vyacheslav Malezhik 150 thousand rubles, won on a television show. And once in the Studio and said who will give the prize.

Катя Семенова: «В меня стреляли и пытались отравить»

I think you’re the only one of your pop shop, who, after a stroke, he really helped?

– At first I was very scared that the Warbler might be offended. Remember, after the hospital, knowing how long has he been out of the scene, and I pulled him in the Central house of artists for the concert. First, he swaggered saying that it is not necessary, but the audience from his sudden appearance just stunned! And the fact that he was nervous and not to fall, literally held the microphone, no one seems to have noticed. And, remembering our performance (we even “Antalya”, a duet sung), sometimes I wonder: what am I doing in this life? Why all? Understand? But the Glory went out, and he was so applauded! There’s no need to explain, because the audience is not fooled. Therefore, I must try in some such moments to give a little happiness to those who really need it.

Katya herself – a man worthy of happiness more than anyone – was in a very difficult situation and only now, several weeks after the official divorce with her husband, actor Michael Tereshenko, start to come around.

– The whole year I lived in a sort of stupor, a horrible hassle, deceiving themselves and others. After all, when it happened, I called this woman and said that they love each other, I immediately decided to divorce. But six days later Misha came for my things and started to die, I even had an ambulance call. Then he again became ill, already on tour, and I’m on my knees all night praying and thought that, perhaps, it is possible to forgive infidelity forgive the same. And then I realized that it was not treason, and a terrible betrayal! We lived with him for 25 years, and, of course, a person can fall in love. Funny to think that for a quarter of a century, the people will faint from each other. But there’s a man to do – to come and to be honest.

And he within a few years, when I dreamed that we would live happily ever after, absolutely not hiding, took her on tour, and everyone knew it and saw I wrote a song, the arrangement is ready, “Soap” is called. Mike once went to the Crimea and says: “can I tour on a week there will remain poudyal?”What conversation, of course. And all this time, once a day went on Skype to communicate. One day while we were chatting, suddenly a female voice says: “Bear, I’m here.” Ask: “who is it?”He replied: “Yes, the maid went.” Well, we went and went. From this trip he brought me a gift of soap, a piece in a box, cool soap, I was proud of them. It said, “Kate from Crimea.” So he’s with his mistress lit in the Crimea, and brought me a piece of soap?!

And then, while I was sedated, he for no reason I suddenly Natasha began to call and began to understand that I am very sick, and constantly in tears provoked. I am in my life so didn’t cry much this year. And take on the insistent advice of Misha’s some drops, and then lay in a complete stupor, even can not speak, work only eyes. A friend (she’s a doctor), somehow finding me in this condition, almost shouting: “Misha, this is a very dangerous story! The breath can stop in any second!”And he, for some strange reason, never called an ambulance. Just came and watched and went to the kitchen.

The year before twelve-thirty at night I was Smoking on the balcony – life Smoking. Advertising what was on TV, so I went out to smoke. And when he began to turn around to put out the smoke, I heard some strange sound. Well, I think, the same night, summer came and came. Finished the movie and went to bed. And in the morning watch – what the hell?! I have a window shot out. Called the police: “Listen to that, now to the balcony not go out?!””What is it?» – ask. I told him, and the reply was that, most likely, it’s the kids…