Kate moss threw her lover out of the house

Кейт Мосс вышвырнула своего любовника из дома
The model decided to part with his “vampire”.

Кейт Мосс вышвырнула своего любовника из дома

Kate Moss

Photo: Splash News/East news

Guests gathered at the Cannes film festival, were
quite puzzled, when Kate moss appeared on the red carpet, not with her boyfriend
Nikolai von Bismarck and unidentified handsome blond. However, close
friends of the “change of scenery” is not surprising. They were aware that
shortly before their departure to Cannes, moss made the difficult decision for her —
to part with her lover.

British newspaper The Sun reported that Kate dumped her boyfriend because
his addiction to drugs. As said a friend of the model, moss
repeatedly warned Bismarck that if he does not correct their behavior, they
will have to part. But Nicholas apparently did not take seriously to her
warning. The last straw was the absurd scene played out during
trip moss and Bismarck in Costwolds. Nicholas slowly Kate took
the next “dose”, and he began hallucinating. He dreamed that to him
a home invasion robber, and Bismarck jumped out the window, imagining that haunts
attacker. And then long ran around the garden with wild cries, taking
garden sculptures for accomplices of “robber”.

Kate decided that this is too much. She called
relatives of Bismarck and asked to see him immediately sent a car and
saved her from his society. And then insisted that Nicholas formed
the clinic, promising to pay for his treatment.

Bismarck and 42-year-old Kate began Dating last
summer. First time young lover — he’s only 29 years — seemed fun moss.
She was flattered that Nicholas — a real aristocrat, he is the great-grandson of the famous Chancellor
Austria — Bismarck. She enjoyed listening to the stories of a young man on his
adventures in Africa when he was one of the tribes, gladly drank
raw blood Pets, what friends called him “vampire”. However
Bismarck managed to exhaust the patience of the model, and she chose to put it out
his London home at a cost of 4 million pounds, where he settled with
a lot of comfort.

Moss not too lucky in his personal life. Before meeting
Bismarck she endured a series of failed relationships and one crashed
marriage with rocker Jamie.. And from
one of my old Boyfriends —Jefferson Hake, Kate gave birth to in 2002
daughter Lila grace. However, the relationship with the father of the girl she save failed.

Kate moss c Nikolai von Bismarck

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