Кейт Мосс встречается с 18-летним Джейком Кертисом

It’s like someone’s angry and not very funny joke. Western media reported that the personal life of supermodel Kate moss now takes on strange forms – the star of the catwalk 42-year-old had an affair with a young man. Well, very young. Eighteen-year-old Jake Curtis, who also has a son of her longtime friends.

Кейт Мосс встречается с 18-летним Джейком Кертисом

Jake’s girlfriend

Paparazzi, recently filmed a couple on the drive, sure Kate and Jake romantically involved, and they looked like lovers. Insiders also hint at the fact that this is the place to be, because with his previous lover, Nikolai von Bismarck (compared to Jake he’s old enough – he’s 28), she finally broke up a few weeks ago.

Кейт Мосс встречается с 18-летним Джейком Кертисом

The pale young man in the middle — new sympathy supermodels

“Kate and nick has nothing in common, it’s true. She now spends a lot of time with Jake, the son of their friends. He’s crazy about her. A thing for younger men at Kate a long time, since thirty years. Probably, for it is a matter of prestige and beauty – nobody would date with a woman so she feels young and cool” — said the source.

Mr. Curtis (not his real name for solidity) was not willing to discuss with journalists about this topic, but his sister already told me about his affair on his page in the social network, clearly hinting at their relationship with Kate.
Friends moss (Jake’s parents) in the meantime, don’t take their relationship seriously.
“We like that Kate is watching over our boy. It is our old friend of the family” — told the girlfriend moss Emma Curtis (probably the key word that must be emphasized — old). In addition to the long and close friendship, Kate has another thing in common with this family: in 2000, Kate met with family uncle Jake, Emma’s brother Lucien Freud (he’s now a famous artist, too old for moss). Father Jake, directed by Richard Curtis (who directed the film “love actually”) also repeatedly admitted that Kate deeply sympathize with him, and that my script always comes up with heroines like her.

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