Кейт Мосс встречается с 18-летним — утверждают СМИ

42-year-old supermodel Kate moss romance with 18-year-old Jake Curtis — the son of her friends, filmmaker Richard Curtis and critic Emma Freud.

Кейт Мосс встречается с 18-летним — утверждают СМИ

In the summer of 2015 Kate moss (Kate Moss) broke with the party band the Kills. Jamie (Jamie Hince), who prior to this had been married four years. Almost immediately after the break, the supermodel started Dating 28-year-old photographer, great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck and by count Nikolai von Bismarck (Nikolai von Bismarck). Insiders proclaim that now the moss has broken up with him and now building a relationship with 18-year-old Jacob Curtis (Jake Curtis).

“Yes, it’s true, Kate and Nicholas are no longer together, — said an insider to Daily Mail. — It is also true that now she spends a lot of time with Jake, who is crazy about her”.

Rumors of a romance between them arose after the publication of paparazzi. On them Kate and Jake together and ride in a convertible. Parents Jake Curtis, Director Richard Curtis (Richard Curtis) and critic Emma Freud (Emma Freud) what they say in the press do not believe and say that they were happy their old friend looking out for their son.

Jake Curtis refused to comment on rumors about his affair with Kate moss, and his sister Scarlett wrote in a Facebook post under the ironic repost photographs of moss and his brother: “they Say that the age difference helps to get to know each other and understand themselves. Looks like Jake has finally found his own self. Nikolai von Bismarck, welcome to the family”.

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