Кейт Мосс в постели с Ритой Орой

16 Jan supermodel Kate moss turned 45! Congratulations in social networks star decided singer Rita Ora, with whom the actress was very close. In greeting the singer did not hesitate to put this very intimate photo, which caused a lot of questions from subscribers.

Кейт Мосс в постели с Ритой Орой

Instagram Rita Ora put the selection of the two pictures to congratulate Kate. “Happy birthday! You have done so much for many people. You deserve the world. I love you forever and I’m so glad to call you my friend. Here’s some more memories and fun”, signed Rita photos.

The first picture is unremarkable: stars cuddling with that sweet smile. The second photo has caused a lot of issues. It stars Topless laying on the bed in BDSM style. Kate closed her eyes as if asleep, and Rita looks in the picture. The photo collected more than 200 thousand views and thousands of comments. Photos even raised the issue of homosexual.

And last year, the daughter of supermodel 16-year-old Lila grace, celebrated a birthday. She was 16 years old, and she has become the Ambassador of one of the most prestigious brands of the fashion industry. In the account of Marc Jacobs, appeared a picture, which is Leela makeup spring collection in the lens of photographer David Sims.

“Beauty, serenity, patience and kindness Leela made this project even more special than I could imagine. With each frame she easily and gracefully turned into the necessary character. I am grateful to @katemossagency and @jeffersonhack for giving us the privilege to work with your beautiful daughter,” — was generous in his praise and gratitude to their parents pastimes Marc Jacobs.

Mark also presented a promotional video. It was removed fashion photographer from Sheffield David Sims. The stylist was Katie Grand (editor of Love magazine and guest editor of W Magazine), for the negligent hairstyle answered Guido Palau, makeup by Diane Kendal was entrusted.

Work in the fashion industry for Leela is not a novelty. She already appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue along with her mother, attends with her fashion week in 2017, she participated in the campaign brand in the hair Braid Bar, and interviewed Gigi Hadid. However, Lila doesn’t hesitate to inform the public about what mother she is sometimes shy. It happened in 2015. On her Ask.fm Leela grace asked a question, whether it considers his mother an idol. The girl frankly answered that her mother “is a disgrace and irritates it, like all the other parents.” “But we still really love them,” added moss, Jr.

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