Кейт Мосс решила открыть модельное агентство нового типа
Kate ended his career on the podium.

Kate Moss

Photo: Legion-media

As told to Kate moss in a recent
an interview with the British magazine The Business of Fashion, she decided to found his
own model Agency. Kate
have even invented a name for it — Kate Moss Agency. As explained by a 42-year-old moss, which has a 14-year-old daughter Lila, it
going to create something new, not like the existing
Agency. “I don’t need just beautiful girls and young people. I
want to work with those who do not have unusually good-looking, but able
to sing and dance and has acting talent. My goal is to participate in
the creation of these stars!” — said Kate.

for moss, her own modeling career is now over. It
terminated the contract with the Agency Storm
Models, with whom he worked for 27 years. After all
representatives of this institution opened it. —
future star of the podium, when moss was just 14. The separation, as
admitted Kate, was very painful.

“It was like as if I
ever left your home. However, I decided that I should do
after I realized that I just
you should “spread your wings”. I had, as a model, to do
just what I was told. And now I
want to control your own fate and the fate of others. Fortunately, those with
someone I worked with, about my plans with understanding. “You have to follow
his dream. And we, if need be, ready to help you!” — said to me. Although, of course,
I understand that much at risk. Only now, when I began to realize their
the idea, I realized how much is going to change in your life…” — admitted