Кейт Мосс празднует 45-летие

When Kate moss celebrated his 35th birthday, the party lasted for three days! In the end, the star called the ambulance and the birthday party even called for the cops! But 45 years is not the same. Now Kate prefers a quiet celebration. January 16 Kate moss celebrated her 45th anniversary in a circle of close friends and a young lover.

Among the guests was actress Sadie frost and Liv Tyler with her husband Dave Gardner, fashion designer Stella McCartney and make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. Do not forget the girl and about his beloved 30-year-old Nikolai von Bismarck. The birthday girl gathered the guests in a London Chinese restaurant China Tang at The Dorchester. Even the outfits were not causing! All are welcome and Kate appeared in total black!

Photos from the party there! Kate moss has a rule not to photograph the event and not to upload photos online. Only Stella McCarthy made a video that was posted, but it did not disclose details of the dinner.

Of course most attention was attracted by a young boyfriend, Keith, with whom she parted and converged. With Von Bismarck moss started Dating while still being married to Jamie Hansona, the frontman of the band The Kills. In the summer of 2016 Nicholas made models offer, and Kate had a good to ask my husband about divorce. Rumor has it that for the sake of freedom moss paid the musician a tidy sum, but instead statements about the wedding, it became known about the separation of lovers.

The reason for the breakup, one day, become lovers ‘ quarrels. In fact, Kate in Nicholas didn’t like the fact that I didn’t like her previous spouse in her wild life and endless parties.

“Kate and Nicholas were fighting over the last few months, but just recently they broke up finally. They were trying to start over, but the breakup was only a matter of time. The last fight was the last straw. Kate said that will no longer tolerate his antics and what she needs to move on,” said the insider.
But there is also evidence that the reason for the breakup was the fact that Nicholas has not found common language with her daughter, Lila Kate. In fact, a young man who by age was closer to his invalid stepdaughter, and tried to establish a relationship, and once even dared to tell Kate that its annoying when Leela is next to them.
Leela for moss – the most important person in the world, and these words beloved much dashed her against him.

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