Кейт Миддлтон с детьми на скачках в Норфолке

Kate Middleton almost does not appear at official events and exits. Now the wife of Prince William on maternity leave after the birth of little Louis. But the children always need attention, so the Duchess of Cambridge left a third child with the father or a babysitter and went to Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the races in Norfolk.

Кейт Миддлтон с детьми на скачках в Норфолке

Kate emerged in a light blue dress, Zara with a value of 39.99 GBP, which fans of the Duchess immediately began to buy in stores. The children also were dressed in summer: George Polo from H&M, Charlotte — in the pink dress.

This is the second year when the Duchess visits with children jump. The fact that the Royal family riding a special relationship, so it is very important to kids with childhood developed a love of horseback riding. Little George is already riding on a pony, which belongs to the cousin of Prince William, Dawn Tyndall. “William and Kate want George to learn to ride, — in the Royal family did it all. He is still too small for a big horse, so they asked Zara to borrow them for one of her Shetland pony,” — said the insider.

Recall that the 36-year-old Kate Middleton recently gave birth to her third child, and immediately began fulfilling Royal duties. The last time the public saw her at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Middleton mother of many children — has three children. Because of the constant Royal Affairs, trips and public outputs Middleton can’t devote as much time to children as he wants. So every moment spent with the kids, she appreciates.

Kate wrote an open letter in support of a charity action “children’s hospice Week”: “to Spend more time with their children is an important aspect of family life. As a mom, I love the simple family moments, for example, to play with children on the street.”

The campaign this year is called “Life is short” so Kate, who is the patron of the hospice center East Anglia”s Children’s Hospices since 2012, decided to write such a letter.