Kate Middleton will become Queen of great Britain

Кейт Миддлтон станет королевой Великобритании

Western media reports that Elizabeth II might abdicate in April of next year.

Some time ago it became known that Queen Elizabeth II broke the record for staying on the throne, and now the journalists had reported that her Majesty intends to renounce the throne in favor of his grandson – Prince William. If this happens, then the world’s favourite Kate Middleton will become Queen!

According to close sources, Elizabeth II intends to pass the throne to William and Kate because they love the Brits and they are active, and it is allegedly difficult to be in sight. Escape from the authorities the Queen wishes on your 90th anniversary 21 апрелz 2016.

If this really happens, then crown Prince William will be the tradition in Westminster Abbey, in the presence of the Royal family, dignitaries and world celebrities.

As reported by insiders, Prince William, upon learning of the transfer of the throne, was shocked. “He would like to spend more time with family and children, before you take on a big load and obligations of a king,” says a confidant to the Royal family source. The reaction of Kate Middleton is unknown.

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