Кейт Миддлтон заподозрили в анорексии

The British press has sounded the alarm: the Duchess of Cambridge lost a lot of weight too!

The reason for the rumors about the illness of the Duchess was her appearance during the visit the Royal family at the Olympic Park. Kate appeared in public in a white blouse and skirt, which was periodically relined, since she literally dumped.

When the pictures from the event hit the net, fans Middleton sounded the alarm. Kate’s face noticeably haggard, the Duchess has clearly lost five pounds, if not more.

Added fuel to the fire and journalists, radoznala that recently the mother of two children almost completely eliminated meat from your diet and feed exclusively on fruits and vegetables, and even in small portions.

As it turned out, change his menu, Middleton decided after talking with Angelina Jolie. Recently crowned lady became very close with the Hollywood star. Kate and Jolie both do charity work and often meet at social events. And Middleton, in contrast to all who criticize Jolie for being too thin, showered her with compliments about excellent physical shape.

The British behavior of a future Queen seriously concerned about. If Kate decided to follow in the footsteps of Jolie, then what kind of example she will serve the nation? At Middleton are equal to all women in the Kingdom, and many, looking at Kate, you can start to lose weight, even if they don’t have to!

Fans of the Duchess urged her to stop being friends with Jolie and to monitor their diet.

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